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‘Not convinced it can’t be done’: A look inside California’s new bluefin tuna hatchery

Ichthus Unlimited, primarily a fish feed company, brings fresh farming hopes to the ‘Tuna Capital of the World’. Like a doting father, Alejandro Buentello eagerly shows off the petite 44-day old bluefin tuna swimming and darting in a tidy row of see-through tanks. Getting the first bluefin tuna hatchery in North America up and running…
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IU Featured at Hatchery International Magazine

Bluefin tuna are a viable commercial species that command great prices, such that wild populations are overexploited to supply the lucrative sushi and sashimi markets. The Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) population, for example, is now just about three per cent of what it was when records started (circa 1930). Now, one U.S. firm is developing…
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