We are passionate about what our tuna feed business model has to offer, including sales, profitability and environmental responsibility. As close-cycle cultivation technology becomes available for scombrid species this will support a significant expansion of tuna ranching and, concomitantly, grow its feed market. At this time, we are pondering the establishment of partnerships to penetrate European and Australian marketplaces through franchising. In addition to know-how, we can provide preliminary market research in these areas. We intend to offer suitable terms on franchise agreements and will strive to fully support our franchise partners.

Investor Relations

In preparation for future growth, IU is engaged in formulating the next 5-year Management Plan. On August 2018, we will commercially launch Nutri-tuna™ , manufactured in the San Diego area, to service the tuna industry concentrated from the US – Mexico border to Ensenada (~ 70 miles south).