Nutri-tuna™ Scombrid diets:​

Proprietary brand of ultra-premium feeds for tuna species

Thunnus orientalis
T. thynnus
T. albacares

Larval: weaning diets
Juvenile: 5 g – 10 kg
Grow out: 11 kg on

Sciaenid diets:
Scienops ocellatus
Atractoscion nobilis
Totoaba macdonaldi

Flounder diets:
Paralichthys californicus

Yellowtail diets:
Seriola dorsalis
S. rivoliana
S. dumerili

Cobia diets:
Rachycentron canadum

Salmonid diets:
Salmo salar
Oncorhynchus mykiss

Shrimp diets:
Litopenaeus vannamei
Penaeus monodon


IU nutritional philosophy is to create the healthiest feed possible, consisting of the finest sustainable ingredients combined in perfect balance for holistic nutrition. We formulate each diet specifically for your target species, life stage and culture conditions. This maximizes your product quality and your profits.

Optimized nutrition is key to survival, growth, and aquaculture productivity. IU nutritional expertise, innovation and targeted R&D has developed unique nutritional solutions for several commercially relevant aquatic organisms.

Formulated with the most updated nutritional information. Novel raw materials and additives of the highest quality. Ultra-premium feeds produced with state-of-the-art extrusion technology, cold pelleting, and other novel processing options to deliver maximum nourishment, freshness and water stability of the pellets.